Consulting Services

JET ESCP offers consulting services of the highest quality thanks to its associates who have acquired an extensive practical & academic knowledge throughout their career.

By combining the quality of ESCP Business School's education and the experience acquired by working for the most prestigious companies and financial institutions, JET's team will be able to offer the adequate service to every client.

Find our different areas of expertise below.

Areas of Expertise

JET ESCP is proud of being able to offer services in a wide range of areas thanks to an international team of associates that make up the next generation of consultants.

Being digital natives, our associates will bring a fresh wind to any project thanks to their incredibly diverse skill set.

Marketing & Competitor Analysis
providing a complete analysis of the market in which the client operates and its competitive landscape
Business Planning
offering financial budgeting, cost estimation & control to early stage companies
Financial Valuation
conducting a financial analysis and evaluation with additional interpretation
Management Consulting
advising companies on various topics ranging from change management and digital transformation to industrial best practices

Marketing Plan &

Retail Strategy

providing an accurate marketing strategy and offering advisory during the implementation (e.g. E-commerce, online CRM)
Strategy Consulting
offering a different perspective on your business operations to develop new and exciting solutions fit for tomorrow
Digital Services
unlocking companies' potential through IT services, creating digital content, and supporting social media management
helping companies build their ESG proposition by providing solid frameworks that lead to higher value creation

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