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Do you aspire to work for Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or Amazon? You have come to the right place to build up the IT division and work closely together with the board 

JET ESCP is looking to hire highly motivated, innovative and experienced students interested in IT to join the JET family as an IT Associate. 



  • Be in charge of managing JET’s slack channels and Google admin

  • Work on the long-term development of the JET website 

  • Have the opportunity to test the waters on real client projects in collaboration with the consulting division 

  • Take care of JET’s google accounts



  • Enrolled at ESCP for the year 2023-2024

  • Analytical, reliable and detail-oriented in your work

  • Willing to go the extra mile and take on your own initiatives

  • Fluent in English and advanced in one additional language


The possibility to develop and support brilliant individuals in a dynamic environment in combination with the strong network of JET ESCP. As an IT Associate, you will closely collaborate with the Leadership Team and have an impact on the decision-making process. You will join an international and dynamic team of ESCP students and benefit from its diversity to discover new career opportunities. You will be able to create your own JET ESCP story based on your preferences and strengths. JET ESCP also offers you the opportunity to take part in amazing events with other Associates, such as our past JET Strategy Trip in Burgundy in February 2022, and therefore expand your network. Join the JET family and experience the excellent JET training, events, and a powerful network of JET alumni working across various fields.

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