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Are you fascinated by individuals, different cultures and diverse talents? You have come to the right place to learn the essentials of People Enablement!

JET ESCP is looking to hire people-centric, enabling and highly motivated Human Resources Associates to join the HR Division.



  • Take decisions on hiring, project staffing, transferring as well as dismissal of associates

  • Shape and enforce the process of talent management

  • Implement a 360° feedback system

  • Help organise and execute our mid-year recruiting efforts 

  • Take initiative on developing a strong employer branding program

  • Organise Learning & Development Events in close cooperation with the Marketing team 

  • Amplify the associate’s experience through new initiatives in accordance with the general development goals of JET ESCP

  • Assist in organising trainings that provide opportunities for our Associates to develop their skills (in close collaboration with the Marketing team)

  • Have the opportunity to test the waters on real client projects in collaboration with the consulting division (e.g. Recruiting, Performance Management, Change Management)

There will be several roles to fill within the HR Division covering different responsibilities. We are looking for Associates in the areas of Employer Branding, Recruiting, Performance & Activity Management, Events. 


  • Employer Branding
    The purpose of Employer Branding strategy aims to assist employees and improve their satisfaction and experience. Our goal is to develop an action plan to attract young talent and help them take full advantage of our experience.


  • Recruiting
    Our recruiting strategy aims at searching and welcoming potential new talents that can bring value to our society. It includes a comprehensive structure that requires technical and organisational skills, as well as social aptitudes to integrate associates into different teams.


  • Performance Assessment & Activity Management
    Performance Assessment  includes a plan to measure and evaluate associates’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify and reward those who stand  out. In addition, associates can use activity management to organise activities of employees based on their strengths and interests.


  • Events
    The associates will work closely with the marketing department to organise events, in particular seeking to discover and understand the employees' interests and needs for both social and learning events.


Please think about what your preference would be here beforehand. We will be happy to tell you more about the different specialisations in the interview and will surely find a suitable task together.



  • Enrolled at ESCP for the year 2023-2024

  • Passionate towards identifying and developing talents 

  • A strong communicator and strive in mediation processes to resolve potential staff issues

  • Comfortable when interacting with various individuals and have the capability to understand their needs as well as improvement capabilities

  • Confident in supporting JET ESCP associates in their diverse professional and personal goals

  • Proactive, organised and enjoy taking on responsibility by leading a team

  • Interested in a potential career in Recruiting, Head-hunting or People Management

  • Fluent in English

Previous work experience is a nice-to-have but not needed


The possibility to develop and support brilliant individuals in a dynamic environment in combination with the strong network of JET ESCP. As a HR Associate, you will closely collaborate with the Leadership Team and have an impact on the decision-making process. You will join an international and dynamic team of ESCP students and benefit from its diversity to discover new career opportunities. You will be able to create your own JET ESCP story based on your preferences and strengths. JET ESCP also offers you the opportunity to take part in amazing events with other Associates, such as our past JET Strategy Trip in Burgundy in February 2022, and therefore expand your network. Join the JET family and experience the excellent JET training, events, and a powerful network of JET alumni working across various fields.

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