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YSDN (Youth Sustainable Development Network)

About YSDN

YSDN works with youth and changemakers around the world to foster an enabling environment which will lead to a more sustainable and resilient future by 2030. It provides intellectual guidance and scientific evidence to the challenges of the UN’s SDGs.

Jet x YSDN 

  • 5 associates in the consultant division from YSDN working alongside JET members

  • The incredible teams of JET and YSDN associates are working on producing industry reports in the sustainability space.

  • The team has recruited and onboarded additional YSDN consultants and has formulated the structure for the first industry report and is currently working on producing the report for publication

  •  The consultants enrich the company‘s Know-how by writing a whitepaper about solving pressing problems in Nigeria.

  • During Christmas Time, the JET Society decided to organise a fundraiser with our partner initiative YSDN from Nigeria

More about YSDN and how to participate

The YSDN networks implements Youth Education on Sustainable Development Goals, practices Environmental, Social and Governance Consulting, implementation of Sustainable project and Policy recommendations. 

Go to to further know about the firm.


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