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EIS Project

About EIS Project

EIS is a company made by students for students to help with the relocation process when moving abroad.

What do they offer?

  1. Rental services (apartments in all of ESCP locations)

  2. Destination guides including tips on transport, regulations and must sees/favourite restaurants, bars

  3. Support services with paperwork (Visa, CAF, etc.).

Jet x EIS 

What benefits do active JET members receive?

  • 20% discount on rental services

  • 30% discount on all other services

How can EIS benefit me? 

Go check out their website if you are currently looking for an apartment or want to take advantage of the many services they offer.


Secret tip: If you are moving out and want to earn an easy 15€ today + a 15% discount on all services --> Send them your landlord’s contact information. (


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