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About Crosspath

The company offers personal mentoring for professionals interested in the consulting industry. They help prepare for the full application process from personal fit interviews to case studies. 

Jet x Crosspath 

  • We have organised 4 conferences on Investment Banking and its recruitment process (hybrid)

  • Our team of very talented associates is exploring the field of HR Consulting by working with our Partner Cross Path to match the right talent for the right roles and working on multiple projects with different expertise requirements.


How can Crosspath benefit me? 

Company benefits

- Upskilling -Empowered with AI, the strong network brings job opportunities to you, based on your experience, skills and personality.

- Easier way for finding jobs- their comprehensive job board can save the time of searching, and our unlimited free webinars and events provide valuable knowledge for you..

-  They have outstanding employers in different industries on the platform, actively looking for candidates. The next one could be you!

Go to to further know about the firm.


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