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About GEA

A student-led sustainability society @ESCP with the goal to make our campuses (and the world!) a greener place and educate the next generation of possible leaders.

GEA Sustainability ESCP is one of the biggest drivers of sustainable change within the ESCP community and among our world’s future leaders. GEA Sustainability ESCP’s mission is structured around 3 pillars: Educating, Initiating, and Networking

Jet x GEA 

This is a great opportunity for our both associations to work and share our knowledge

  • Collaboration on industry reports

  • Mutual (social media) support for events 

  • Mutual event with focus on sustainability

  • Onsite networking events

How can GEA benefit me? 

GEA profoundly believes that creating a network of students, alumni, and companies that care about a better tomorrow, will create value now and tomorrow in the transition towards a green economy.

The future of GEA relies on one word: COLLABORATIONS.

Well-rooted in reality and the different communities to which we belong, we believe that we must take action together to leverage each other’s assets and widen impact. Teamwork among members of GEA Sustainability ESCP will create value within our school and allow them to “plant more seeds” during more events. Collaborations with stakeholders will widen our impact within and outside of our student community. Around Europe and further, the common goal is to spread awareness of sustainability-related issues.


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