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In&Out Consulting

About In&Out

The company offers personal mentoring for professionals interested in the consulting industry.

They help prepare for the full application process from personal fit interviews to case studies. 

The In&Out team consists only of former top-tier consultants and interviewers and has helped candidates since 2019 to systematically receive offers from their preferred consultancies.

Jet x In&Out 

  • We are very happy to announce our new partnership with In&out. This is a great stamps for us at JET and we are very excited to work together and all the knowledge we can share. 

  • We already had our first two workshops with the consulting firm and we look forward to kick-off further collaborations with them.


How can In&Out benefit me? 

The In&Out mentoring is the unique booster for your successful career in consulting - from former management consultants for future management consultants. 

-supports you in the successful application in the consultation from the first internship to permanent entry.

-accompanies you very individually through the entire application process from the written application, through the personal fit interview & the case studies, to the offer.

Go to  to further know about the firm.



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