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#JETyourcareer 🚀, What does JET really bring to the members

"I'm unavailable today due to a scheduled call with JET."..."Apologies, I have a JET meeting in 10 minutes."..."Impressed by the amazing team at JET this year!" 

Whether you're a JET associate or an ESCP student, you've likely encountered these statements. Perhaps you've heard a friend express excitement about projects or share pride in the outcomes. The most common questions are: Is it genuinely helpful? What benefits will it bring to you? And why do people join JET? If these questions are on your mind, I'll take 5 minutes to answer them. And if you're here as a fan of JET Mondays, I hope you enjoy this one. Let's get started, shall we?

Junior Enterprises Europe (JEE)

Junior Enterprises Europe is the umbrella organization that represents and integrates the European Network of Junior Enterprises. Their primary focus is on the development, integration, and recognition of Junior Enterprises. This involves boosting the development of the network, enhancing best practices exchange, and one increasing visibility in the market. They organize three international conferences every year, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and networking​​​​​​.

Empowerment through Practical Experience

Junior Enterprises like JET ESCP offer students a unique blend of theoretical and practical business education. Students are involved in real-life business projects, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge in a professional setting. This hands-on experience is invaluable in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and skills that are highly sought after in the job market​​​​. If you believe you got what it takes, and you have interesting networking opportunities do not hesitate to join us! 

Skill Development and Employability

Participating in a Junior Enterprise enables students to learn how to run an organization, manage teams, and engage with real clients. These activities significantly enhance employability skills. By working on various projects, students develop a range of competencies, including project management, negotiation, and client relations​​. This is essentially a bridge between student life and real career life. What else do you want? Have fun, get to know people, gain skills, and progress! That's what it is all about.

Networking and Professional Growth

Being part of a Junior Enterprise provides extensive networking opportunities. Students can connect with industry experts, alumni, and other students with similar interests. These connections are vital for professional growth and often lead to future career opportunities. The exposure to a diverse range of business challenges also broadens their perspective, making them more adaptable and resourceful professionals​​​​. You can thank me later! 

Global Perspective

Junior Enterprises operate in multiple countries, offering students a global perspective on business issues. This international exposure is crucial in today’s interconnected business world, preparing students to operate effectively in diverse cultural and business environments​​​​. 

JET ESCP's Specific Contribution

JET ESCP, as a Junior Enterprise, mirrors these benefits. It offers students at ESCP Business School a platform to engage in consulting projects, develop professional skills, and build a robust professional network. The experience gained at JET ESCP aligns closely with the objectives of the broader Junior Enterprises Europe network​​​​​​. And plus you can meet new awesome people, go on trips and forge professional and friendly relationships. 

There are additional benefits that JET offers. If you want to know more about them, I believe you'll have to join JET to gain firsthand experience! 

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