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MANTU x JET ESCP Event: Unlock your Business Development Potential

JET ESCP is thrilled to announce an internal Learning & Development event for all of our associates🚀 Unlock your Business Development potential with MANTU x JET ESCP Event

Ready to elevate your business skills? Join us for two dynamic workshops:

📅 1st December: Cold Calling and Mastering Business Acquisition

- Explore building a business acquisition process.

- Dive into practical exercises with a focus on target accounts and effective client targeting.

- Experience cold call simulations to secure meetings with your desired contacts.

📅 19th December: Master Prospection Meetings & follow-up techniques

- Engage in simulations covering icebreakers, discovering needs, and effective positioning.

- You'll learn to build lasting industry relationships, handle objections with confidence through simulations, and successfully conduct prospecting meetings.

- Expect to gain practical skills that set you apart in business development, opening doors to new opportunities and professional growth.

Don't miss this chance to boost your skills and confidence in the professional world!


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