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New Board Members

We are pleased to announce the appointment of the new Board Members for the year 2023/2024.

With a sense of pride, we introduce the dedicated individuals who will lead us towards a promising future: Raphael Von Hoch as President of our society, Jula Gekle as Vice President, Shourya Sharma as Head of Consulting, Mattia Damati as Head of Business Development, Chiara Nassisi as General Secretary , Lavinia Russo as Head of Marketing, Ayush Shah as Head of Treasury,, Antonia Guidone as head of Human Resoruces, Ikjot Singh as Head of IT.

A special shout-out to the previous board, whose dedication and hard work have left us an extraordinary ecosystem. We extend our heartfelt thanks and admiration for their exceptional contributions. Rest assured, we will nurture this legacy with utmost care.

Stay tuned as we can't contain our excitement to share the incredible new projects and ideas we have in store for you!


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