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JET and its power of network: #successstories 

Exploring JET ESCP's collaborations – What do we gain from JET projects? What are the takeaways that the associates get from the projects?

By Alexej Vistal

The importance of networking in the educational landscape and the implementation of projects for student learning are areas that bridge the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms with the practical experience required in the real world jobs. JET is one of the societies that lay a lot of importance and show the power of networking and collaborative projects in providing essential real-world experience to students. But how and what does it really mean establishing a network and having real life project experiences? Read and find all the answers needed! If you have anything to say do not hesitate to express your feeling in the comments section, Enjoy!

Networking is a critical component of success across various industries, offering students not just a pathway to potential job opportunities but also a platform for knowledge exchange and skill development. PSB Academy highlights the benefits of networking, including securing employment as a fresh graduate, building lasting relationships, and gaining valuable insights into industry requirements. Engaging in activities such as joining clubs, attending industry events, and leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn to build a professional network​​. So do not get scared or feel judged, you're trying to establish connections that will only help you in the future. JET is the society to get it all done, so if you want to join us do not hesitate!

Moreover, networking's importance extends beyond the fact of career boost. It contributes significantly to individuals' social well-being, fosters the exchange of ideas, enables meeting people at all professional levels, boosts professional confidence, and expands visibility. All of these are very important in the students future and becoming more than just an average. How can you do it? Easily by engaging in networking activities, such as attending industry events and participating in online communities, can offer students invaluable opportunities for mentorship, learning, and career advancement​​.

In addition, being part of JETs projects gives you an incredible opportunity to gain a competitive edge, because of all the experiences that you learn from all the projects! In today's competitive world having experiences is essential for finding a job. These projects can give an essential window into the business world and help you understand where you stand with your knowledge, team spirit and efficiency.

Associates participating in projects often gain valuable takeaways that extend beyond the academic world. One primary benefit is the practical experience they acquire, which allows them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems, enhancing their understanding and problem-solving skills. Projects also foster teamwork and collaboration, teaching associates the importance of communication, delegation, and compromises in achieving a common goal. Additionally, projects can serve as a powerful networking tool, connecting associates with professionals in the field, mentors, and peers who can provide guidance, support, and opportunities for the future. The exposure to industry standards and practices during these projects prepares associates for the expectations and demands of their chosen careers, bridging the gap between academic preparation and professional requirements. Moreover, projects often encourage creativity and innovation, enabling associates to explore new ideas and approaches. Through these experiences, associates not only enhance their technical and interpersonal skills but also build confidence and a professional identity, laying a solid foundation for their career growth. 

In conclusion, networking and engaging in projects play crucial roles in bridging the gap between academic studies and the real world. They provide students with the essential experience, skills, and professional connections needed to succeed in their future careers. Through these activities, students can enhance their social well-being, gain exposure to new ideas, and develop the confidence necessary to navigate the professional landscape. The evolution of digital learning platforms further supports this bridge by offering open, innovative learning opportunities that prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. Stay motivated and expand your horizons! 


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