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Why Alumni Are Important For Us

Written by Alexej Vistal

“Wow Rocky is so inspiring…!”, “I wanna run as fast as Forest Gump…!”, “I would want to have as much knowledge and skills as Hermione…!”

Have you ever had similar thoughts?

Well, we, as humans, tend to look up to see who is better than us and we use the comparison between us and the characters of movies and TV shows as a mean of motivation.

Hence, the role of alumni in shaping, guiding, and inspiring current JET members cannot be overstated. This article delves into why alumni are so crucial for JET's growth and the sustained impact they have on this thriving community.

Bridging Theory and Practice

JET's alumni, with their feet firmly planted in the professional world, exemplify the successful application of academic concepts in real-life business situations. They serve as living proof of the efficacy of JET's educational model, all the experiences from the JET’s division to workshops, seminars and many other opportunities that JET gives to its members, are working and even you can get as successful as our JET alumni, even you can be the one working in the best corporation in the world.

Networking Opportunities

Alumni networks are a potent resource for current students in terms of networking. These networks open doors to internships, job opportunities, and collaborations that might otherwise be inaccessible. Alumni, with their extensive professional connections, can facilitate introductions and endorsements, giving JET members a competitive edge in the job market. With this, I want to encourage you to not be scared to network as essentially this is the tool needed for success.

Generation on Generation growth

Your current head of your department was once taught by an Alumni that constant generation-to-generation growth brings values, work ethic, and standards set by previous generations of JET members to continue to shape the culture within JET. This legacy acts as a guiding light for current members, setting benchmarks for what can be achieved. I would like you to stop and think about whether you are generating value for JET that you think will leave an impact on this organization when you leave.

Promoting JET and ESCP

Alumni are ambassadors of the JET in the wider world. Their achievements and professional success reflect directly on JET as well as ESCP, enhancing its reputation and standing in the educational and business communities. This elevation in JET attracts more students and partners to the organization, fueling its growth, and expansion. Creating a certain prestige in being part of JET.


JET Alumni can be seen as mentors, connectors, advisors, supporters, and brand ambassadors, all rolled into one. We believe that their direct involvement with JET could bring its members a huge edge. On this note, I would like to end this article by encouraging all the members who will soon leave JET to not lose contact with this incredible organization, and all the alumni reading this article we kindly encourage you to interact with us as you are a very valuable asset to the organization and can contribute with all your knowledge to even further growth of this organization.


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