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Critical Future - MaidSafe Project

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Part of the series #SuccessStories where our JET associates describe their work and challenges they had to overcome



MaidSafe is building the SAFE Network, the world’s first autonomous and decentralized data network, which is considered the replacement of the internet and the World Wide Web. The company also launched a proxy token: the MaidSafe coin. Hence, MaidSafe wanted to understand how they could capitalize on and commercialize these utility tokens.

What we did / Process

For this project, JET associates developed a thorough Go-to-Market Strategy. The team conducted both a market and competitive analysis to provide insights on the Cryptocurrencies market, focusing on utility tokens and recommendations allowing MaidSafe to commercialize and capitalize on its MaidSafe coins. The project was divided into three major milestones:

  1. Global Research

  2. Commercialization Strategy

  3. Recommendations.

Results delivered

The cryptocurrency market is skyrocketing, utility tokens are rising in popularity, and crypto-assets are diversifying in forms. The team identified new types of users, needs and interfaces to determine the accurate target users and sales channels, allowing to commercialize the MaidSafe coin. Eventually, despite the technicality of the cryptocurrency world, the team delivered valuable work and recommendations aligned with the client’s expectations and needs.

We are delighted and extremely grateful to Critical Future for giving us the trust and opportunity to work on such an exciting project with their client, MaidSafe.


Great team effort, fantastic presentation skills. The team provided an excellent report, and the Maidsafe and Critical Future were excited with the result. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Manolis Skoulos, Senior Consultant, Critical Future.


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