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YSDN #Success Story

JET Participants:

Janice Lauterbach, Lucrezia de Simone, Joshua Kukoyi, Shourya Sharma, Tolu Gbenro & Zuzanna Warecka

Tasks: Industry Report on an ESG topic

With the YSDN x JET project we want to initiate positive change and make our contribution to a sustainable future. Our industry reports are intended to motivate companies to establish sustainable practices and invest in projects that are not only economically promising, but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We also want to equip young people who will be the changemakers of the future with the necessary tools to initiate tangible and positive change with their knowledge and motivation.

In our very first report on hydrogen, you can read about the potential of this growing market, the diverse and astonishing applications, policies that are pushing the spread of this technology, and much more.

What we did:

Brainstorm ideas for topics, set up a structure for the report, divided the taks and worked on it individually and in the team, reviewed and refined the final report

Challenges faced & How the team overcame them:

Very wide-ranging topic -> We made ourselves aware of our goal, which is to provide valuable knowledge and advice to companies and individuals. Then we did a lot of research and agreed in the team on which aspects of the topic we would focus on to achieve our main goal.

Very different availability -> We have set up an availability calendar and thus managed to meet and coordinate regularly.

Result delivered:

Industry report on the hydrogen market: Introduction, market dynamics, production & supply, industry demand & usage, conclusion

Testimonials from Team:

From the very beginning, the passion and dedication of the team were infectious, and it made me feel motivated to give my best. Throughout the project, the team members were highly professional and supportive. As we worked together, I could see how our efforts were aligned with the organization's vision of creating a better world through sustainability.

Testimonials from Client:

"Working with the team so far has been encouraging, especially with the structure and division on tasks aiding the success of the first report. Again, it is fulfilling to see how things have taken shape as we start and I am very optimistic of the immense opportunities the project will unlock in the long term."


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