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Monodor #SuccessStory

Topic: Create MONODOR’s 2023 Pitch Deck

JET Participants:

Jula Gekle, Lou Krijger & Yvonne Rudifera


MONODOR sells high quality home fragrance in a B2B and B2C context. The bottles are produced in Italy by partners and there is a strong focus on sustainability.

What we did

The scope of the project was to review and adjust the current 2022 Pitch Plan to give an overview of the company, market, and strategic goals. Some information was given on the old pitch deck and more information was added as well as the redesign of the template. All this was done within 4 days successfully!

Result delivered

Based on the 2022 Pitch Plan provided by MONODOR and further financial information, the JET team has:

  • Reviewed and adjusted the current template including structural, language, design, and informational changes.

  • Provided financial data was used to complete the financial overview of the company

  • Further market research into Germany, Austria, Switzerland and also provide brief information on the UK and France markets

The final deliverable was a 14 page Pitch Deck ready for 2023 and MONODOR’s Future!


MONODOR was an amazing client that we enjoyed working with tremendously even though there was high time pressure (4 days) to complete the project. The team was able to be creative and had a lot of fun working together. We are currently working with MONODOR to collaborate for another project this year.

Testimonials from Client

"It’s been a pleasure working with JET. The spontaneity was amazing and we successfully completed the project within 4 days. Amazing work!" Monodor team


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