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ESCP #SuccessStory

Creation of a pitch deck for an ESCP startup and conduction of market research about the blockchain technology

JET Participants

Rosadea Abbracciavento, Costanza Giordano, Tristan Kerstiens, Joséphine Senéterre


Marcus Schmalbach is an ESCP Professor for Blockchain & AI, leading Valetheia (The Client), a blockchain startup. The scope of the project was to review and adjust the Pitch Deck of a group of students of the Professor that developed a prototype to validate the originality of university certificates using blockchain technologies. The startup, Valetheia, provided only two documents: an old pitch deck prepared by students and a press release about the startup idea. The main challenge of this project was to review and adjust the current template of the deck, as well as implement structural and content changes for a pitch to major investors.

What we did

The JET Associates conducted market research on the relationship between university degrees fraudolence and employees, focusing mainly on the US and UK markets and using market reports and scientific articles. After an assessment of Valetheia’s innovative solution and key features, the JET associates studied the startup positioning in the growing blockchain technology industry, highlighting the importance of investing in such a company. Moreover, after a discussion of the target audience, JET associates decided to propose a completely new design that fit better Valetheia’s sector and aspirations.

Result delivered

JET delivered a high-quality market research which was very well-received by the client (Valetheia). Based on our research, Valetheia’s solution to create cryptographically unique, irreplaceable and verifiable university certificates is well rooted and needed, given the huge percentages of fraudulent credentials in the market. Moreover, JET assessed that Valetheia positions itself in the fastest growing data protection and validation sector of the blockchain technologies, highlighting how profitable an investment in such a startup can be, in the short and in the long term. The pitch deck designed also included a brief timeline of Valetheia’s development and results achieved, as well as a customised partnership offer proposal for the targeted investors.


As a team, we are delighted to have been a part of an interesting and exciting

project and we would like to thank Prof. Marcus for his constant support, and trust in our creative thinking and market research methods. The team was successful in completing this project in such a challenging and limited period of time and our client (Valetheia) was very satisfied with our work throughout the project and the pitch deck delivered, which enabled the startup to have a positive feedback from investors. This project was a great learning experience for the entire team as we gained precious and valuable knowledge about blockchain technologies, as well as strengthened our creative skills.

Testimonials from Client

“JET associates prepared a great pitch deck and we’re super happy with the work they did. They carried out an amazing job and the investors understood the problem in the market, our product as a solution and invited us to visit them again to discuss the topic further”. ESCP team.


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