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GFT 2.0 #SuccessStory

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Business Modelling within the scope of a EU Commission-led project regarding Cloud Computing

About GFT – Shaping the future of digital business

As a pioneer for digital transformation GFT develops sustainable solutions across new technologies. GFT clients gain easy and safe access to scalable IT-applications and innovative business models. Founded in 1987 and located in more than 15 markets, the GFT team consists of over 8,000 determined experts.

JET Participants:

Roy Provost (Project Leader)

Team A: Federico Aielli (Team Leader), Eliott Françoise, Runze Hun, Arnaud Esteva, Harshini Boddireddy

Team B: Christian Beitzinger (Team Leader), Giuseppe Pasquariello, Cristian Pinto Marinho, Riad Zebdi, Niccolo de Leva

Final Delivery: (WP7 – D7.5)

Task Duration: 4 months (September - December 2021)


After having successfully performed a market research for our client GFT within the scope of the PHYSICS project on FaaS cloud computing in our previous mandate, JET was asked to conduct a report for the Business Innovation Development & Exploitation phase (T7.2) in a 4-months long project whose final deliverable was due by the end of December. PHYSICS is an EU-funded innovation project on Cloud Computing (EUR 5 million investment) ( whose aim is to enhance the competitiveness of the European cloud service providers by leveraging cutting-edge, scalable and cost-effective cloud models, such as function-as-a-service (FaaS).

The project involves dozens of companies, including GFT (our client), Atos, Hewlett Packard, and Fujitsu, and its outcomes will be validated in three applications – eHealth, agriculture and manufacturing.

What we did

Our T7.2 task consisted in refining the project’s exploitable assets and deeply analysing the IP Rights landscape, performing a continuation of the current market situation analysis. Leveraging the work accomplished in the previous mandate in PHYSICS, JET identified and analyzed different exploitation paths to determine the most suitable ones that could ensure the project’s sustainability. GFT will exploit the project outcomes in order to expand the scope of the services that it currently offers. The company will promote PHYSICS solutions and services to its existing accounts.

Results delivered

Despite the complex nature of FaaS technology and the high level of technicality of the topics encountered, the team was able to provide our client with a high-quality deliverable which exceeded initial expectations. Thus, the project, which kickstarted in September 2021, came to an end at the end of 2021, with JET providing the client a roughly 70 pages long report. The team successfully completed the task as the deliverable was highly rated by GFT. It is now under review from the PHYSICS partners (pending validation from the EU Commission).


We are delighted that we have been able to take part in such an exciting and important project and would like to thank GFT for their trust in our work which led us to renew our partnership. Furthermore, as JET and being part of ESCP Business School, working for a European Union Commission funded project is in line with our values and our commitment, which are rooted in a deeply European university culture so as to contribute to the consolidation of a thriving European economy.

The team was able to complete this long and challenging project and our client (GFT) was very satisfied with the work performed throughout the entire project and the quality of the final deliverable. PHYSICS was a great opportunity for JET to refine our skills in terms of pinpointing communication with the client as well as further deepening our knowledge with regards to the complex Cloud Computing environment from different perspectives. This led to a great learning curve throughout this project.


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