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GFT #SuccessStories

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Part of the series #SuccessStories where our JET associates describe their work and challenges they had to overcome



Last year, we collaborated in PHYSICS, an EU founded and GFT led innovation project regarding Cloud Computing. The overall project has a € 5 mln budget and dozens of companies collaborating. GFT, an ICT large enterprise, is the Project Coordinator, Exploitation Manager and Quality Manager of PHYSICS. We collaborated with GFT to perform a comprehensive market analysis and to develop a focused value proposition.

About GFT – Shaping the future of digital business

As a pioneer for digital transformation GFT develops sustainable solutions across new technologies. GFT clients gain easy and safe access to scalable IT-applications and innovative business models. Founded in 1987 and located in more than 15 markets, the GFT team consists of over 8,000 determined experts.

What we did

Our task consisted of conducting both a market research and gaps identification analysis, focused on the EU Market. We evaluated the potential of the Cloud Computing Service by reviewing the FaaS (Function as a Service) market, identifying main competitors and services, describing the main functions associated with compliance and security, and interviewing experts in the field. Our associates identified core challenges companies need to overcome to develop a sound Value Proposition that meets the market demand (see picture below).

Results delivered

Despite the complex nature of FaaS technology, the team successfully and thoroughly analysed the business opportunities to drive value and prospects. Not settling for just restating information, we employed top sources aligned with the client’s needs. Aiming at exceeding client’s expectations, eventually we acquired transferable knowledge and information that JET will leverage in interactions with future clients.

We are delighted and extremely grateful to GFT for giving us the trust and opportunity to work on such an exciting project. Motivated by the tremendous exposure to the emerging technology and its potential, we have succeeded in presenting a solid deliverable which was highly appreciated by our client and the other companies collaborating in PHYSICS. We have been recognised as one of the most timely and accurate parties, consistently delivering in accordance with time constraints, client expectations, and the PHYSICS’s framework in mind.


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