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RGI Project #SuccessStories

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

This post is part of the series #SuccessStories where our JET associates describe their work and challenges they had to overcome .


We are excited to share our success story about the latest project with RGI, an international group operating across the EMEA region and leading the digital transformation of insurers. RGI’s break-through value proposition provides clients with innovation in business models, products, and services.

The five-month-long project started in May 2021 to support the group in implementing a harmonized tools structure within all its companies. The purpose was to standardize the adoption of the tools to seek efficiencies, enable a seamless and smooth way of working across companies, and facilitate cross-country best practices adoption.

What we did

The project applied the As-Is and To-Be process analysis. First, we obtained a comprehensive overview of the tools distribution and utilisation, and afterwards we exploited the insights to recommend a unified and efficient solution for the group.

The first phase involved frequent interactions with the group’s main stakeholders via interviews and the use of a shared Excel file to provide a detailed description of all the tools used in the group.

Before starting to consider the final status, the team investigated the needs for RGI for each tool. Therefore, it was possible to identify a precise set of criteria to be considered for the final solution.

Subsequently, each tool was validated and evaluated through the criteria identified. Moreover, to confirm the validation of the tools, a thorough analysis required interactions with many of RGI’s central employees via interviews, e-mails and MS Teams chats, and the construction of a detailed questionnaire.

Results delivered

The JET team prepared a comprehensive report to include the relevant insights for both the As-Is and To-Be.

Besides, at the end of both phases, the most important takeaways were extrapolated to prepare professional PowerPoint slide decks that were presented to the group’s top management.

This project has been an excellent opportunity for the JET team to apply the As-Is and To-Be methodology. Besides, the team could enter RGI operations, and we are very grateful both for the trust the group put in JET and the excellent learning experience.


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